To Whom It May Concern,



 The objective of this letter is somewhat generic and is intended to provide an understanding of the experiences and skills I possess.  I welcome the opportunity to discuss further which of these skills may be specific to your company’s requirements.


 My career as an engineer has encompassed a broad range of engineering disciplines, ranging from being a chief engineer in charge of commercial broadcasting facilities, digital design in aerospace endeavors such as the Space Shuttle, embedded firmware design for consumer based equipment, large scale fiber-optic based  telecommunications equipment to web enabled server based product development.  My skills span many engineering disciplines. 


 With my extensive and diverse engineering background, I have been invaluable in the management of engineering groups and new product development.  Furthermore, I have been a resource in strategic planning, operations and feasibility studies, primarily due to the diverse nature of my experience and understanding.  While holding positions such as Vice President and Director of Engineering, I have continued to update my skills, remaining a practicing engineer. 


 I am currently focused on providing consulting services, primarily in new product development of a variety of equipment, utilizing my skill sets of analog/digital design, embedded firmware, telecommunications, compliance to regulatory standards and web-based server applications.  However, I continue to seek long-term employment with a single company.


 I am a highly motivated person, capable of accomplishing objectives in a variety of engineering environments and management structures.  My extensive experience and determination would allow me to become a valuable contributor to your company’s objectives.


 I hope to hear from you soon.


 Steve Chick

Formatted résumé location:

Phone: 408.465.4624









Steve Chick

Phone: (408) 465-4624                    2995 Thomas Grade, Morgan Hill, CA 95037



Wide Ranging Industries and Responsibilities: Throughout my career I have demonstrated the ability to thrive within Entrepreneurial, Start-up, Growth and Fortune 500 companies such as; Motorola, Sony, Synchronous Communications Inc. and Hughes Aircraft Company.  I have served in such responsible positions as Director of Software Development, Vice President of Engineering, Senior Engineering Manager, Program Manager and Project Management.  My operations and administrative responsibilities have included; strategic planning, Product Requirements / Marketing Requirements documents, feasibility studies, budgeting, staffing and staff management aspects, resource scheduling, vendor qualification, cost analysis, crisis management, coordination of outsourced service bureaus, overall New Product Introduction and process optimization.

Broad Range of Engineering Disciplines: I am fortunate to possess an innate ability to easily grasp, analyze and simplify complex engineering principles.  During the course of my career I have designed and directed the development of diverse products spanning: Analog/Digital Hardware, Firmware/Software and System Level Architecture.  These skills, coupled with leadership, mentoring and a hands-on approach has led to the building of self-sustaining, cross functional teams.  As both a conceptual thinker and detail oriented problem solver, I became the go-to person, resulting in successful development and delivery of innovative and leading edge solutions.

Bachelors of Science – Engineering Technology – University of Central Florida


U.S. Patent Holder – Provisional Patents – Patent Application in Progress



Selected Achievements and Skills

Orchestrated Turnaround of Start-up Company Product Development:  Recruited at the behest of the Board of Directors to get Sentinel Vision’s stalled Home-Security product development back on track to product delivery.  As VP of engineering I reported at all BOD meetings.  After analyzing their existing marketing and product requirements, budgetary constraints, product cost target and time-to-market goals and assessing the design team; I worked with senior management to realign expectations and refocus engineering efforts.  After successful completion of R&D, Design Verification, regulatory compliance and field trials; my responsibilities shifted to the transition of prototypes into overseas manufacturing.  The company IP was acquired by Telular Corporation.

Expansion of Growth Company Resulting in Acquisition by a Fortune 100 Company:  As one of the three Senior Engineering Managers (Software/Hardware/Optical) within Synchronous Communications, a developer of fiber-optic based communications equipment, I was responsible for the R&D of product firmware and software, rapid product derivative prototyping, production release and testing.  With growth to more than $50M in annual revenues the company was acquired by Motorola’s Broadband Communications Sector for $260M, where I continued as a Director of Software Development.

Key Skills: Strong communication skills as represented by the ability to express engineering complexity in simpler terms to a less technical audience providing a bridge from top level management into R&D.  A proficiency at examining product/marketing concepts then deriving quantifiable engineering principles, development objectives, design strategies and requirements to provide a concise flow of information, direction and guidance into R&D.  The versatility to serve as a bridge has always been viewed as one of my most valuable assets, allowing top level management and the R&D staff to maintain a peer-to-peer relationship.

Recent Career History


Consulting & Vice President of Engineering                                             6/07- Present

·         Serving as Vice President of Engineering for an early stage startup venture of a consumer product to improve residential fire safety.  Contributions include: Analysis of marketing requirements, System architecture, Design services, Compliance testing (UL, FCC), Administrator of computing infrastructure, manager of software developers, Cost analysis and Alpha/Beta testing.

·         Design Services in the development and NPI of embedded micro-processor based products.


Sentinel Vision – Palo Alto, CA                                                                                   1/05 – 6/07

Vice President of Engineering

·         Recruited at the behest of the Board of Directors to provide crisis management associated with stalled product development.

·         Reported directly to President/CEO, Board of Directors, Founders and Venture Capitol investors.

·         Worked closely with CEO, CFO and VP of Marketing to realign expectations relative to balancing multifaceted constraints including; feature set / product cost, funding based budget, available design resources, preexisting time-to-market delay, program and project management to provide forward-looking development schedule, coordination of outside service bureaus, design verification, field trials, regulatory compliance certification (UL, FCC) and overseas production logistics.

·         The consumer product deliverable was a standalone, customer installed; Audio/Visual based security system.  Wherein a breach of security  resulted in a transmission of captured images and sound to a centralized server farm, which in-turn, distributed information back to the user (Email, SMS, MMS, IVR) and to a U.L. listed central station for verification and dispatch of emergency services.  System was Cirrus CPU based, running Linux .

·         Server Farm was also responsible for account activation (including remote Central Station account), automated reoccurring billing and collection, and user access to configuration and archived alerts.

·         Customer deliverable appliance was based on Linux/ARM-9.  Service Center Server farm was based on Server 2003 / SQL / ASP.NET, co-located in SF at ServePath, a “super node” facility shared with Verizon and AT&T.  Central Station services provided via a secured tunnel through a proprietary interface into GE’s MasterMind software platform running at National Monitoring Center located in Southern California.


Research and Development of potential product development concepts     1/04 – 12/04

·         Developed security based internet accessible device that provided both lighting control and residential security by replacing standard wall switches with an intelligent networked controller.  Presently under patent office review – patent pending.


Motorola - San Jose, CA                                                                                               7/97 – 1/04

Director of Engineering – Software Development

·         Originally employed by Synchronous Inc. as the Senior Engineering Manager of Software/Firmware Engineering Development, which was acquired by the Broadband Communications Sector of Motorola in January 2001.

·         Responsible for the architecture, creation, hardware and integration of all software and firmware aspects of the entire product line of fiber optic communications equipment including; Long Haul – Gain Controlled EDFAs, Fiber based distribution networks, Video, Voice and Data over Fiber and DWDM.

·         Directly responsible for teams administration, budget and software/firmware engineering functions as well as participating as a Senior Software Engineer.

·         Developed variable design requirement templates which allowed customization of the complex systems and control of existing hardware, firmware and software.  These templates provided a process in which rapid prototyping of product derivatives became feasible.  As a result the company rapidly grew by maintaining a superior time-to-market agility, which resulted in increased sales.

·         Developed proprietary communication schemas between underlying firmware based hardware controllers to embedded Linux based platform, which in turn provided SNMP and CLI over telnet management.

·         Extensive Linux/Windows code created to support Design Verification Testing, Automated Production testing and Quality Assurance.

·         Great emphasis was placed on compliance to standards (UL, FCC, NEBS, VDE, CSA), reliability and quality control.

·         Served as a Director of Engineering – Software Development within the Motorola infrastructure.

Additional Work Experiences


Sony Electronics - San Jose, CA - Consultant - Advanced Video Technology Center

            Non-Linear MPEG Audio/Video editors for news broadcasting

Spectrum Design - Veradale, WA - Consultant

            Embedded controls, RF design, EMI mitigation, IR controllers

Intelligent Instruments Corp - Sunnyvale, CAOperations/Programs Management

            ISDN based H.264 Video-On-Demand Servers

Key Tronic Corporation - Spokane, WA - Engineering Manager and Senior Project Manager

            Notebook Computer development

Well Fargo Alarm Services (merged with ADT) - Redondo Beach, CA - Engineering Manager, Senior Project Engineer and System Architect

Residential/Commercial/Government security systems

Hughes Aircraft Company – Culver City, CA - Member of the Technical Staff

            Radar systems/STE/Space Shuttle

Broadcasting - Southeast U.S. - Chief Engineer and Broadcast Consultant

            Commercial AM/FM radio stations – FCC Directional Antenna Proof-of-Performance submittals

Technical Skills


Micro:            Intel, Motorola, NEC, Siemens, Fujitsu, ARM, Cypress, Silicon Labs, NXP, ST Micro, etc...


OS:                  Windows (XP, 2000, NT, 9x, Server), Linux, Unix, DOS.


Languages:   C/C++, Assembly, VC, VB, Java, HTML, XML, Perl, CGI, Basic, FORTRAN, Scripting.


Hardware:    Analog/Linear: RF, Op Amp, Transistor, FET, Tube, Power Supplies, Filters, A/D.
Digital: All logic families, D/A, D/SRAM, EAROM – PROM, Flash, D/A.

                        Optical Fiber: DWDM, EDFA, QAM, SONET.

Misc: Switching/Linear Power Supplies, Battery Backup - charging techniques.


Comm:             SNMP, ISDN, TCP/IP, SDLC, RF, AM-FM-QAM-TDM-DWDM, CLI, H.26x, VOD.


Utilities:        Emulators, Compilers, Assemblers, Overlay Linkers, Non-Volatile Programmers, PCB layout (EMI and high-speed), DB Management, Program Management, Memory Management, Office, Bugzilla, SourceSafe, Office, Orcad, Pads.


Misc:               Voice, Video, AM / FM RF, Regulatory Compliance – FCC-UL-CSA-NEBS-CCITT-NFPA-VDE-FM, Design Verification Testing - DVT, Quality Assurance - QA, Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP, MRP, New Product Introduction – NPI, Version Control, OOP, Hi-Speed PCB Layout, Alpha/Beta Testing, Radar Systems, First Class Radiotelephone License, Vendor Qualification, Automated Testing, Mechanical/Thermal Design, Root Cause Analysis, Cable/Telco, Cost Reduction, OSI/Internet/TCP/IP/DOD networking Layers, Formal peer-to-peer code review, Mixed Signal Processor, Cross-Functional skills in Hardware and Software, distributed architecture.


Other:            US Patent 5,181,010, Patent Pending 12,134,856, FCC First Class Radiotelephone License, Large format photography, Soccer, Softball, Camping.




Successfully operating in senior level management and leadership positions often requires the ability to contribute ideas and understand concepts beyond the expertise of a single discipline within a single business unit.  I offer a wide-ranging body of experience, gained through a career in diverse industries, job responsibilities and engineering disciplines.  Possessing a creative and analytical nature coupled with extensive experiences has allowed me to consistently contribute to the success of numerous multi-disciplined business endeavors.